The largest buildings on Florida’s Gulf Coast have entrusted us to restore their buildings.

The Florida Lifestyle is second to none, but the beautiful ocean beaches and moist climate can age a building faster than most other areas. That’s why regular building maintenance protects your property from the constant impact of our Florida weather. By protecting your walkways, stairs, building envelope and balconies, you can stop minor problems from turning into major projects.

If your starting to notice splitting stairs, sagging balconies or rusted and swollen rebar, you could be having a water intrusion problem. Our team will assess the problem, recommend solutions, work with an engineer if necessary and restore your property to withstand the elements and stay beautiful and strong for years to come.

Call us if you’re noticing any of the following problems:

  • Exposed and Rusting Rebar
  • Sagging Balconies
  • Loose or Broken Railings
  • Broken Walkways
  • Splitting Stairs
  • Spalling Stucco
  • Swelling Walls
  • Balcony and Walkway Coatings
  • Concrete Voids
  • Cracks and Splits in Concrete and Stucco
  • Water Intrusion in Windows and Doors